Online Publications

“A Few More Thoughts on Tubers”//Waccamaw (2018)

Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist“//Waccamaw (2018)

“For My Friend Who’s Been Dreaming of Trees”//Indianapolis Review (2018)

“For Nothing Sounds as Much Like the Lost World of the Womb as the Motors of Our Machines”//Waccamaw  (2014)

“The Red-Winged Blackbird”//Valparaiso Poetry Review  (2014)

Print Publications

“Headless Wonder”//The Chattahoochee Review (Forthcoming)

“For the Harvey Weinsteins et. al”//The Chattahoochee Review (Forthcoming)

“Dear America”//Whiskey Island (Forthcoming)

“Little Song for my Love of Whiskey”//Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review (2016)

“Spinning the Vast Fantastic”//Southern Indiana Review (2016)

“Sharing a Fifth of Bourbon with a Friend who Fears what Follows”//Tar River Poetry (2016)

“When I Think I’m Through with Beauty”//Southern Humanities Review (2016)

“I Had This Idea for a Poem”//Zone 3 (2016)

“If Your Wife Should Ever Glance Backward and be Turned to a Pillar of Salt”//Spoon River Poetry Review  (2014)

“Black Friday”//The MacGuffin  (2014)

“Because I’ve Read a Buddhist Sutra and Live Nowhere Near a Lotus Pond”//Southern Poetry Review  (Vol. 52: Issue 1)

“Suggestions from the Via Negativa”//The Louisville Review  (Vol. 72)

“Home After Days Away”//Iron Horse Literary Review (Vol. 15: Issue 2)

“Elegy for My Uncle who Kept a Jar of Arrowheads atop his Bedside Table”//Iron Horse Literary Review  (Vol. 15: Issue 2)

“On the Banks of the Wide Ohio”//Water~Stone Review  (Vol. 15: 2012)

“The Thing about Death”//Big Muddy (Vol. 12: Issue 1)

“Revelation”//Southern Poetry Review (Vol. 49: Issue 1)

“Babel”//American Literary Review  

“For James Wright”//Crab Creek Review

“When Our Children One Day Ask of Past Lives”//Crab Creek Review

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